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Our Practice

We serve a community of 4000 patients, many living in rural locations. We have surgeries in both Humshaugh and Wark villages and patients can attend either.

The Team

Our Team is made up of three GPs, Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Community Nurses, Midwife, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Health Visitor,  Nursery Nurse, Admin, Reception, Dispensing staff and Practice Manager.


We offer a full range of General Practice services with regular surgeries, Monday to Friday.

Each morning at either Humshaugh or Wark, we hold an open surgery, this means you can arrive between 08.30am and 10.00am and wait to be seen without an appointment. (We also have booked morning appointments  available).  Please call in advance to check availablility).

 Our evening surgeries are by appointment only. Please call 01434 681281 to make an appointment at either site.

 We offer specialist clinics for maternity, child health, diabetes, asthma and respiratory diseases, minor surgery, heart disease and family planning/womens health.

We offer an onsite medication dispensing service at our Wark Site for those who live more than a mile from a chemist  and have a dispensing service available for acute medication requirements during consulting sessions at Humshaugh.  We have daily deliveries from Wark to Humshaugh for patients who pick up at Humshaugh.

Closure of Harbottle Surgery

Following the recent sad news that Harbottle surgery is closing, we would like to let those affected know that we will offer our support to you should you need medical care or advice.

Please call us on 01434 681281 if you would like to discuss this further.  

 If you have any comments about our website, negative or positive, or you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Website, please contact Katherine on 01434 680005 or e-mail us at norccg.HumshaughWark@nhs.net

 Walk-in open surgery: 8.30am – 10.00am
 Humshaugh Surgery – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
 Wark Surgery Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Booked morning appointments
8.30 – 10.00am (sessions are subject to change)

We have booked morning appointments available at both sites.  Please call for session availability.  Where possible, we recommend open surgery be used for acute medical issues.  If you have a continuing medical issue, please book an appointment.

Booked afternoon/evening appointments
15.30 – 17.00 Monday – Friday
These surgeries are by appointment only at both Humshaugh and Wark. Please phone 01434 681281 for an appointment.

There is no evening surgery at Wark on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Extended opening until 19.30
We hold late Surgery sessions until 7.30pm at Wark on a Monday and at Humshaugh on a Thursday. These surgeries are by appointment only.
Late appointments can also be booked for HGV and other medicals.
(Please quote your NHS Number where ever possible when you contact us)

Availability of Doctors will occasionally change due to unforeseen circumstances and holidays.  If you wish to see a specific Doctor, please check with Reception before you come in.
Appointments on line (EMIS ACCESS)
Surgery appointments can be made online.  You can access this system 24 hours a day and a selection of available appointments can be viewed and booked without having to ring the Surgery.  Please ask at Reception for a registration form.

Under the terms of the 2014/15 GP contract, patients registered for EMIS ACCESS are now able to view specific parts of their medical record – medication, allergies and adverse reactions.

Patients who are registered with EMIS ACCESS but do not wish to have access to this additional facility should let the Practice know ASAP.

Patients are reminded that login details and passwords should be kept safe and secure and not shared with anyone. 

Telephone consultations
If you feel your problem could be dealt with speaking to a GP on the telephone, please call reception who will pass this onto a Doctor. He or she will ring you back.  

Each of our Surgeries is accessible to patients using a wheelchair, though not all the rooms inside.

If you are a wheelchair user, please let the Receptionist know when you make an appointment.
We can arrange interpretation and translation services in person or by telephone for patients who may require it.  Please let us know if you need this service when booking an appointment.
If you would like to be accompanied during a sensitive examination, some of our Reception team are now trained to offer a chaperone service.  Please ask at reception when you book your appointment if you would like to be accompanied.
Doctors Appointment slots
Normally appointment slots are in 10 minute intervals.  We try to focus on one important problem in each consultation to avoid mistakes, confusion and to ensure the issue is properly addressed.  However, If you feel you need to discuss more than one health issue it would help us greatly if you could ask for a double appointment slot.  This will give you and the Doctor more time for discussion, and may save you having to make a further appointment.

Dispensing Practice

We are a dispensing Practice. If you live more than a mile from a chemist we can dispense medication to you. You can then collect your medication from either Wark or Humshaugh Surgery. 

Medication drop off points

We deliver medication to various drop off points in Barrasford, Barrasford Park, Acomb and Fourstones each week on a Tuesday. 

Home Delivery Of Medication.

If you are unable to collect your medication from the Surgery or from our drop off points at Barrasford, Acomb and Fourstones we can now offer a home delivery service.

If you would like your medication delivered to either one of our drop off points or your home, Please contact the Surgery to register for this service.

Our delivery service takes place on a Tuesday. If you request home delivery, please ensure that there is someone available to receive your medication. For safety reasons we can not leave medication unattended and it will be returned to the Surgery for collection. 

If you take long term medication you can request repeat prescriptions in the following ways

(Please quote your NHS number where ever possible when you contact us).

By telephone 01434 230986
The line is answered Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11.00am until 3.00pm and Tuesday and Thursday 11.00 until 1.00pm. At all other times there is an answer phone available. Please speak clearly, leave your name and also, preferably your unique identification number found at the top right hand corner of your printed prescription.

Please ensure you dial correctly and hear our message before leaving your request. It is important that you state your patient identification number and remember to itemise each drug required individually. This will ensure that you receive only the drugs you require and prevent any waste.

In person
Use the printed medication sheet that you get in your prescription bag and tick the items you wish to collect.  Then, leave this list in the post box provided in the waiting room at either Surgery.

Repeat Prescriptions On-line
These requests come directly into our clinical system making it a safe and speedy process.  Please ask at reception for a registration form if you do not already use EMIS Access for on-line appointments. (please note this system replaces our current system of E-mailing requests).

 (Under the terms of the 2014/15 GP contract, patients registered for EMIS ACCESS are now able to view specific parts of their medical record – medication, allergies and adverse reactions. Patients who are registered with EMIS ACCESS but do not wish to have access to this additional facility should let the Practice know ASAP).

Patients are reminded that login details and passwords should be kept safe and secure and not shared with anyone.

  Collecting prescriptions

Prescriptions will be available 48 hours (2 working days) after your order has been requested

Prescriptions can be picked up until 7.30pm on a Monday at Wark or Thursday at Humshaugh.  If you wish to take advantage of this later pick up time, please tell us when you order your medication which Surgery you would like to pick up from at the later time.

When paying for prescriptions by cheque, you will be asked for your cheque guarantee card.  Please ensure you have this with you in order to receive your prescription.

If you have an exemption certificate or pre-payment card, you will need to produce this each time you pick up medication from the Surgery and you will be asked to complete the back of the prescription form.

If you collect your prescription from a Chemist, you should make your request at least a week in advance to allow for postage and dispensing time.

Urgent medication requests

In the case of emergency requests you will normally be given two days supply of the medication you require but each situation will be dealt with on an individual basis and must be authorsied by a GP. 

Past Medication

Requests for medication that you may have received in the recent past but which is NOT on your repeat medication print out list will need to be authorised by a doctor and will inevitably take LONGER than 48 hours to organise. Please allow us enough time to meet your request.

Prescription Charges

April 1st 2015 

Prescription charge is now £8.20 per item

Prescription Pre-payment Certificates
3 month pre-payment certificate will cost   £29.10
12 month pre-payment certificate will cost  £104.00

(if buying a 12 month certificate you can spread the cost over 10 months by Direct Debit payments)

You can collect an application form from the Surgery or apply on line

Private Prescription Charges

For prescriptions not available on the NHS the following charges apply:

Viagra   (Sildenafil)  
50mg tablets       (4 tablets) including vat £5.00     
50mg tablets       (8 tablets) including vat £10.00                                         
100mg tablets    (4 tablets) including vat £7.50
100mg tablets    (8 tablets) including vat £15.00

Levitra          10mg tablets    (8 tablets) including vat £75.00

Cialis              10mg tablets   (4 tablets) including vat £48.00
                        20mg tablets   (4 tablets ) including vat £48.00

Out of Hours Pharmacy

If you are issued with an out of hours prescription or need an emergency supply of medication the following pharmacies have extended opening hours.(providing limited cover out of hours)

Tesco Hexham:               
Monday to Friday:                  6.30am  to  10.30pm.  
Saturday:                                7.00am   to  10.00pm
Sunday:                                 10.00am  to  4.00pm

Wellway Morpeth:        

Monday to Saturday:             7.00am to 10.00pm               
Sunday:                                  8.00am to 6.00pm

Sainsbury’s Cramlington:  

Monday to Saturday:             7.00am to 11.00pm
Sunday:                                  9.00am to 4.00pm

*Please note that  if you require an emergency supply of medication you may be  charged even if you do not normally pay for your prescriptions.